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Our residential ADSL internet currently has coverage throughout the country, with specialized technicians working 24 hours a day monitoring the Internet signal.

¿Que es Internet ADSL?

ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) technology is access to broadband Internet, which consists of an analog transmission of digital data over the telephone line.

How does it work?

In an ADSL line three channels of communication that are sending the data, the data receiving and normal telephone service is established. The Internet signal is sent through the Call Center of Hondutel to the point where the customer requests, whether a home, office or any other specific point, as long as there is at more than 5.5 km from the center, should be; It is assigned to another nearest center.


Internet Residential

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  • Possessing an active phone line Hondutel
  • Being the owner of the phone line.
  • Occur at any Customer Service Center
  • Photocopy of Identity
  • Fill out the application Feasibility Study with personal data and address.
  • Signing the contract to 18 months provided by Hondutel

Advantages Internet


  • Browsing speed is real and the download is unlimited
  • It offers the possibility to talk on the phone while surfing the Internet.
  • Uses the infrastructure of basic telephone network.
  • It offers a real connection speed and unlimited download. In the vast majority of scenarios is the technology best speed / price.
  • Each circuit between subscriber and core is unique and exclusive for that user, ie the copper wire coming out of the home subscriber reaches the center without being added, and thus avoids bottlenecks by shared channel, which does occur in other technologies, which use the same cable for several subscribers