Fixed Telephony Residential / Our Services

Remember to ask your phone line, you must bring the following documents:

  • Identity card (original and copy)
  • Receipt copy Publico (Water / Light)
  • Working Constancia
  • Sketch of the house on the public receipt.

Rights Lps 500.00
Installation Guarantee deposit Lps. 100.00
15% ISV Lps. 75.00
Total Lps. 675.00

Our services

Conference Call (Free)

You and two other people at the same time communicating either from the fixed, mobile phone. Free service. You can link up to 5 numbers.

Call waiting (Free)

This service gives you the opportunity to receive another call while you are using the phone line.

Voicemail (Free)

You can receive messages, listen to, save, delete and know that number you have called and immediately reply to the message.

Call Transfer (Free)

This service allows you to automatically transfer incoming calls on your telephone line to another telephone line where you can answer. To enable for the first time call 194, once acquired service you can turn on and off by calling: Activate: * 22 * NUMBER, disable it: # 22 #

Caller ID ...

Installation cost 36.00 from the second month L16.00 + 15% ISV). This service allows you to see what phone number you are calling before answering


L'monthly cost of 16.00 + 15% ISV. Prevents your phone number appears registered in the phone book and in 192

If you are not already part of the family of Hondutel, remember to purchase any of our products be started tackling any of our customer service centers nationwide.

In our customer service centers nationwide you can apply:r:

  • Lock or withdrawal lock of national, international, mobile calls (Cost L10.00)
  • Transfer of Telephone Line (Cost L100.00)
  • Change number (Cost L25.00)
  • Temporary Suspension (Free)

Note: To apply for the above services, the owner of the line must be submitted in any of our customer service centers.

Remember that every adult seniors entitled to receive the 20% discount that by law is allowed, presenting their respective identification.

Fixed Telephony Application

(To present their data to Hondutel offices nearest your location)

Name change

(To present their data to Hondutel offices nearest your location)