There are many advantages for both Non-Smartphone and Smartphone subscriber.

iPCS Phone Number

Keep you existing mobile service and add an Hondutel iPCS phone number

Earn Cash Back

Earn Cash Back for all International and National call received on your iPCS service

For Smartphone user

For Smartphone user: auto switch call seamlessly from 4G to WiFi and vice versa

Free service

Free service – YES - Free Call in US
and more…

Make Money

Make US$10-20-30 per month with your mobile service ! Transfer the credit to your mobile service provider account


For Smartphone users:

  • Simple subscription by dialing 7777-7777
  • Download the Hondutel iPCS phone interface from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Enter their existing phone number and a 4-Digit pin that user chooses when they dial in the first time.
  • Earn money for every incoming call received ($0.011 National / $0.052 International)
  • Simple automatic top-up transfer to their main mobile provider
  • A new Virtual phone number 7 _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ in addition to their 3/8/9 _ _ _ - _ _ _ _
  • Possibility to have an Honduran phone number and no longer subscriber to Tigo/Claro and using their phone over WiFi only and still earn money for incoming calls
  • Any missed Phone calls, SMS, Voicemail will show up as soon as user is back registered on WiFi since iPCS is a full cloud based service and not simply a VoIP softphone application
  • All the advantages of the iPCS Smartphone-over-data patented technology including the real time transfer from WiFi to 3/4G and 3/4G to WiFi
  • Free SMS to and from other iPCS users
  • Free phone calls to and from other iPCS users in Honduras
  • Free calls to any Hondutel Fix lines
  • Free 30 seconds phone calls to the United States, Canada, Spain (fixed only), Mexico (fixed only)
  • Call directly to any other network (Claro and Tigo) and call with ring and then will drop before connecting. So no cost incurred for iPCS network to other network but warns the remote user of an incoming request of connection.
  • Call to another Hondutel iPCS over Internet is free.

For Non-Smartphone subscribers:

  • Simple subscription by dialing 4444-4444 directly from their phone
  • Ability to earn money (Cash Back) for every incoming call received
  • Simple automatic top-up transfer to their main mobile provider
  • Keep your existing phone number and add a new Virtual phone number. Only the first digit will change (9)123-4567 (4)123-4567
  • A virtual phone number that will essentially become a Single Point of Contact and which can ring multiple phones at once (configurable on web portal)
  • Free Voice Mail service
  • The possibility to change their existing mobile service provider number while always keeping their iPCS Virtual Number
  • Online configuration online of all unwanted phone numbers
  • Configurable Ring Back of choice
  • Ability to make one free 30 second phone call per day per destination number to United States, Canada, Spain (fixed only), Mexico (fixed only) directly by dialing 4444-4444 and selecting option 4
  • Ability to change the pointing of Follow Me phone number
  • Option to use the iPCS Smartphone interface at any time later