SIP Solutions

IP Line Services

ligneip_ENWe have billion minutes of IP switching of experience under our belt and we pride ourselves to ensure crystal tone all the time. Hondutel provides local lines over IP (VoIP) using fully IP enabled terminals for major vendors such as Cisco and Linksys. These are the lines with all the functions, including all the standard features and are very cost effective compared to traditional analog technologies.

SIP TRUNK Services

siptrunkA SIP trunk is a service offered by a provider ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) which allows businesses that have installed a PBX, using VoIP services outside the company network through the same connection to the Internet. The key to success of a site of a SIP trunk is interoperability.

A successful site SIP trunk solution has three components: the PBX system connected to the SIP trunk, equipment located on the "edge" to understand the SIP protocol, and Internet telephony or a service provider SIP trunk.