Hosted PBX Solution

IP PBX server that is a VoIP Housed solution based 100% SIP. Calls made with the Internet Protocol (IP) over converged networks, voice and data, customer.

Replace your traditional analog PBX

Telephone offers businesses an affordable alternative to traditional telephone systems based on the premises. A, PBX-based hosted IP (Private Branch Exchange) means that your phone system is housed within our centers highly secure and redundant data, with all incoming and outgoing calls are routed through it directly to each office extension . receptionist routing can also be accommodated, along with all other functions of the standard PBX, including paging, based on departmental extension and voice mail, call forwarding, conferencing, etc.

A significant advantage of hosted IP PBX is the Companys ability to make changes to your phone settings, such as adding or removing extensions system, expanding or moving offices without the high costs normally associated with these procedures. Similarly, extensions employees can be anywhere, either at home or branch, without any change in the telephone system. This service enables a truly virtual call center, since each station call center can be anywhere there is an Internet connection. This provides maximum flexibility to reduce telephony costs.