Service 900

It is a profitable service that is offered by a private company (content provider) with Hondutel to provide content to the public via voice and profit from them. Profits are shared by both companies which will have to enter into negotiation because one depends on the other to implement this service.

  • To provide the service necessary to enable a 900 is E1 Digital Phone.
  • As a content service provider.
  • Be a company that provides training and professional services, such as contests, sports, horoscope, information, legal advice, medical consultation, donations and more.


  • Attractive way to attract revenue.
  • Quality connectivity calls to end users equipment supplier.
  • Significant savings by not having to invest in equipment and staff responsible for issuing invoices and receiving payments administrative and operating expenses.
  • Telephone network coverage nationwide.
  • Absolute confidentiality in handling your information.

How does this service work?

The end user calls a phone number preceded by the prefix 900-X in which the fourth digit defines the activity or service provided. Once the call is established, the user will be attended by a recording, which will explain the mechanics of participation.

You will be billed charges for calls to 900 services in your invoice for telecommunications services

Requirements to acquire 900 service

  • Copy of Constitution Society Business
  • RTN copy of Company
  • Operating Permit
  • Power of Attorney
  • Copy of Identity Card Representative
  • Financial statements for the last three months
  • Sketch Business
  • Written request of the service required which must include: exact address
  • Representative or contact person identity number, telephone number, fax and email