Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet service that our company provides a high quality service and reliability, contributing to the business development of our customers.

Hondutel has the largest and most modern connection to these services, counting with the National Optical Fiber interconnected directly to fiber optic cables Submarines ARCOS I and MAYA I of which Hondutel is co-owner and connections support of equal capacity via Microwave to said cables. Hondutel offers these services to Industry, Banking, Trade, government institutions, embassies and companies who, confident and graciously request.

Data Channels

Hondutel is the only vendor that has the largest network to interleave data channels through optical fiber.

Hondutel offers private enterprise, government sector and non-governmental telecommunications services in order to assist in the optimization of resources and increased profits through the corporate market providing service Data Transmission:

  • Clear channels
  • Transport through the National Optical Fiber (FON)
  • International links
    dedicated communication links which will directly point to point.

They can be used to communicate networks and applications located within a building (LAN) and between different units located throughout the country (WAN) with the highest levels of security under optimal quality standards.

Digital channel (Clear Channel)

This service 24 hours a day makes possible the permanent interconnection of data from one company to national and international level through Fiber Optic and / or microwave, using copper or fiber optic as last mile departure or arrival to the end customer, which provide dedicated access to ensure the use of 100% of the transmission rate.

International links ending in the NAP of the Americas, which allows people to communicate anywhere in the world.

Requirements for our corporate clients:

  • Copy of Constitution of the Society Company
  • RTN copy of Company
  • Operating Permit
  • Power of Attorney
  • Copy of Identity Card Representative
  • Financial statements for the last three months
  • Sketch Business
  • Written request of the service required which must include: exact address
  • Representative or contact person identity number, telephone number, fax and email