About us?

On May 7, 1976 the Decree Law No. 431 published in the Honduran Telecommunications Company, Hondutel is created.

Decree argues the purpose of regulating the modernization, expansion and modernization of the telecommunications system in Honduras, to achieve greater efficiency in the management and administration to reach a level of profitability in line with the increase in services.

The decentralized state company has legal status, own assets and is of indefinite duration. It appears with attributions in the aspect of mass communication and to regulate and authorize the installation and operation of radio amateur radio stations, scientific, cultural, television and other telecommunications services in general.


Hondutel, as Honduran company offers efficient and qualified human talent, services, information technology and communications, modernized and expanded its infrastructure, to contribute to economic and social development.


Honduran company be highly competitive, efficient and profitable, with updated technology, contributing to economic and social development of information technologies and communications.



It is the responsibility accepted by the employee to the company, and that its work goes beyond fulfilling an obligation.


Continuous improvement efforts made quality work efficiently and effectively.


The art of turning ideas and knowledge into products, processes, new or improved services that customers recognize and value.


Employees acting with loyalty, honesty, kindness, honesty, transparency; people whom you can trust.